Top 10 Star Citizen Beta Streamers

Star Citizen beta has been a honeymoon period like no other. Our communities biggest names and self-made streaming brands have had an empty field to warm-up on. The flood lights are warming up and another team can be heard in the away-team tunnel. The game is almost on.

Game of Two Sides

Strange way to look at it but our current group of fantastic streamers have publicly established themselves as good friends and attended official events where they have interacted live on Twitch. The positivity they bring to Star Citizen has been invaluable to CIG. There is no rivelry and most Twitch channels setup by these streamers are new. They joined their stretch early in the war of viewers and I pretend things will change.

So rather than a top 10 for 2017 and 2018. I want to blog about our beta streamers. Some aren’t on the list and there are other names in the community that deserve recognition. I will do that in another post i.e. top YouTubers for SC and TheNoobifier would be one of those included.

Top 10 SC Beta Streamers

In no particular order…

  1. BadNewsBaron
  2. Myre
  3. Mitauchi
  4. GrayHeadedGamer
  5. DTOX_TV
  6. Captain_Richard
  8. BristolBoy88
  9. RedLir
  10. Takon_TV

This list represents the more frequent streamers of the game. There are easily another 10 streamers who continue to visit Star Citizen and are great fun to watch. They just spend a fair bit of time on fully released titles and that is how I made my decision.

New Star Citizen Streamers Ahoy!

As a Web Developer creating Twitch solutions for WordPress. I have a strong interest in how things change online because predictions are what we use to identify opportunities and peoples needs before they know themselves.

In this case I find myself paying close attention to the honeymoon affect of a very enjoyable beta phase on a headline breaking project. I get close to predicting how things will change for these existing streamers and how they will react to a sudden growth of serious competition.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Star Citizen Beta Streamers

    • I would never take money to advertise in a blog posts and I highly doubt anyone on that list would pay someone to do such a thing.

      Post any streamers you feel have made a strong impact on the community and I will happily consider them.

      Actually just reply with your own top 10 and make it interesting.


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