Top 10 Star Citizen Beta Streamers

Star Citizen beta has been a honeymoon period like no other. Our communities biggest names and self-made streaming brands have had an empty field to warm-up on. The flood lights are warming up and another team can be heard in the away-team tunnel. The game is almost on.

Game of Two Sides

Strange way to look at it but our current group of fantastic streamers have publicly established themselves as good friends and attended official events where they have interacted live on Twitch. The positivity they bring to Star Citizen has been invaluable to CIG. There is no rivelry and most Twitch channels setup by these streamers are new. They joined their stretch early in the war of viewers and I pretend things will change.

So rather than a top 10 for 2017 and 2018. I want to blog about our beta streamers. Some aren’t on the list and there are other names in the community that deserve recognition. I will do that in another post i.e. top YouTubers for SC and TheNoobifier would be one of those included.

Top 10 SC Beta Streamers

In no particular order…

  1. BadNewsBaron
  2. Myre
  3. Mitauchi
  4. GrayHeadedGamer
  5. DTOX_TV
  6. Captain_Richard
  8. BristolBoy88
  9. RedLir
  10. Takon_TV

This list represents the more frequent streamers of the game. There are easily another 10 streamers who continue to visit Star Citizen and are great fun to watch. They just spend a fair bit of time on fully released titles and that is how I made my decision.

New Star Citizen Streamers Ahoy!

As a Web Developer creating Twitch solutions for WordPress. I have a strong interest in how things change online because predictions are what we use to identify opportunities and peoples needs before they know themselves.

In this case I find myself paying close attention to the honeymoon affect of a very enjoyable beta phase on a headline breaking project. I get close to predicting how things will change for these existing streamers and how they will react to a sudden growth of serious competition.

Star Citizens Social Success

Much can be learned from Cloud Imperium Games approach to social media when it comes to Star Citizen. Years have passed since the crowd funded project took to news headlines and broke world records. So in response, I’ve always urged young people interested in games development to follow the Star Citizen project. Not just to learn from the game’s development but to adopt approaches CIG have taking in their social media campaign.

Asset Sharing

Did you watch that short video and hear the music created just for this game?

Never before have we been allowed to experience so much of game, long before it is finished. This partly because the project is crowd funded and the brains behind the game, Chris Roberts, wants the community to feel well updated on his teams progress.

If you browse YouTube, you’ll discover hundreds of videos, official and none official. A massive number of those videos focus on discussing new assets i.e. ships, ground vehicles, character clothes, character armour, weapons and more. What you’ll quickly notice on taking up advice to absorb yourself in SC videos, is that the game’s technology and expertise are also well shared.

This constant sharing became easy for CIG, once they had their video graphics and procedures. They generate new social media content on a weekly basis despite still developing the game. I can’t wait to see what they produce when SC is released.

Alien Languages and Facial Recognition

One of the most exciting pieces of information CIG gave us is the hiring of linguistic experts for the purpose of creating new languages for alien races. That was something that begun happening 2-3 years ago. Just a week back, CIG demonstrated facial recognition technology at GamesCom and it will allow our characters to express what we express. The facial recognition is backed by their own camera device which is branded with RSI (Roberts Space Industries). If you don’t know, RSI is a corporation in the SC universe, yes that’s right, CIG is selling hardware branded by an element that only exists in the lore of a game.

This level of sharing is unheard of in the gaming industry but the important fact is a lack of publisher. There is no publisher and CIG have full control of their game which has allowed me to react to community responses/feedback better than I’ve ever seen done by any other games studio.

Trending Evidence

Someone once used Google Trends to compare Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous with the objective being to criticise CIG. The well-known person who compared them publically ignored the fact that ED was being released within the timeline shown on the graph and SC still had more than 12 months before release.

Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous Trends

I’ve come across plenty people in my life, who push facts aside to present something in a way that suits their agenda. That won’t work in this case and here is why.

  1. The blue line representing Star Citizen actually peaks above the red line representing Elite: Dangerous. That is unusual for a topic that is at an earlier stage than another topic which has gone through the same process i.e. the development and release of a computer game.
  2. Even after the release of ED the SC project continues to maintain a steady rate of interest. Keeping in mind that the ED game is released and is an active online product being offered to PC gamers. My point is that the audience for the SC project (because it’s not a full game yet) is very strong and such a constant level of interest in a project is very interesting.
  3. The very latest data indicates more of the same despite the ED game being out for almost a year. Interest in ED spikes and then drops back down to a level expected for any active online service. SC rarely spikes which also means it doesn’t have sudden losses of interest. I believe this is due to a real social media campaign and not a marketing focused campaign conducted by Frontier, the creators of ED.

Dangerous Predictions

If Chris Roberts continues to demand perfection of his games development and the social media published to show it off. Then the trend for SC will maintain a steady average and once the game is released that average will increase greatly.

SC v ED on Google Trends with ZypheREvolveds Prediction

I’ve drawn horizontal lines to represent my prediction for 2018. It’s not about comparing SC and ED based on how good the games are. There are far too many factors involved to suggest that these graphics help us to decide which game is better. The point being made is on social media and how two games that are being compared have very different social campaigns.

Citizens Summary

This is one of those subjects that can be debated all day and I could author a blog post 500% longer but as a keen Star Citizen myself I’m at risk of being bias. There is lots of evidence to backup my opinion that CIG has conducted an Elite marketing campaign which makes exemplary use of free social media. The evidence that can or cannot be found on ED social activity is irrelevant because this post is about how social media matters – some developers are too old school to understand that and it lets them down.

If you want specifics, more evidence to debate over, just say and I’ll reply with content in comments below. I simply recommend that you look at the games YouTube channel and then find another game that has such a strong channel before even being complete.

Big Red Steam Thumbs for ARK: Survival Evolved

Alright so maybe I’m a little cheeky for making the first “Evolved Gamers Online” article about a game with “Evolved” in it but it’s been a crazy week for gaming (GamesCom just passed) and I’m feeling…cheeky!

Recommended by TEST Squadron

The first thing I noticed on the Steam page for ARK: Survival Evolved is that my buddies from TEST Squadron recommended it. Now I respect the TEST Squadron leadership and their opinion. Hell, I was wearing the TEST Gaming T-shirt yesterday, so I’m biased and proud.

TEST Squadron recommends ARK Survival Evolved

I’m just a little concerned that someone has come to a quick judgment for the sake of generating quick content rather than authoring constructive criticism of the game.

Jump to Judgement

My most recent game is theHunter and it has been out for many years already. The point I want to make is that I will try anything, old, new, different and strange…especially strange! I like to think that I give everything fair chance.

Then I scrolled down! I kept scrolling and I kept seeing red Thumbs-Down. Alright so there was some green ones, the up ones and some of those were from people who manage to play for a whole TWO HOURS!

Steam ARK Survival Evolved Released

I spent the last two days just checking reviews and statistics as they changed. What I can see and you’ll see it too. Most of the people who post thumbs-down have spent more hours in the game than the average hours spent by someone who posts a positive review. I cannot ignore that. I cannot consider spending over $50 (£49.99 here in the UK) on a game that is disliked by currently 32% of its buyer so soon after release.

Decreasing Positivity Percentage

While I typed this article the percentage of negative reviews increased to 33% and yesterday it was just over 20% I believe. This is a game that is crashing like a nerfed Pteranodon. No, I’m not going to say it’s burning too because games don’t need to make everybody happy. ARK Survival Evolved will profit and a loyal ARK following will find joy in the new title. Good for them and the developers.

Summary: Buy Later

Nothing should be taken seriously not even this post, I’m being serious! I scrolled down and seen a lot of thumbs-down by players who had spent 8 and 9 hours in the game on day one. It doesn’t look good but gamers who are ready to buy a title for that price and instantly put a day of play into it. Well, they are probably keen gamers, with plenty experience and they’ll have high expectations.

Maybe you can ignore reviews from players who might seem like they have AAA expectations in every expensive title and also the players who seek to rekindle the past enjoyment experienced in the original title when the whole style of game was new to them.

Then things might look differently and statistics become nothing but a gauge for the current attitude or trend. Buy later when the price decreases and you’ll probably be among thousands of happy customers who rate the game positively because the value for money will increase.

This is why we must understand the nature of feedback, opinions, reviews, and the community. If we are going to read and take any notice of responses, especially Early Access ones. Do not forget your own taste in gaming and ignore a title completely is my ending advice.